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After the chaos settles, Julie receives a call from Jake pleading for help.

Julie and Novak steal a speedboat and head off towards the kids. Julie, Danni, Laura, and Zane start crossing the rope, but the piranhas latch onto Danni’s hair, causing her to lose her grip on the rope and fall into the water, where she is quickly devoured.

Almost everyone in the lake is either wounded, dismembered, or killed by the piranhas altogether, while the remaining surviving tourists escape. Meanwhile, Jake spots Laura and Zane on the island and forces Derrick to rescue them.

Derrick crashes the boat into some rocks, flooding the boat’s lower deck and causing the boat to begin sinking.

Novak speculates that the rift leads to a buried prehistoric lake.

Paula and Sam scuba dive to the bottom and discover a large cavern filled with large piranha egg stocks.

Julie, Novak, Fallon, and Deputy Taylor Roberts try to evacuate the lake, but their warnings are ignored, until the piranhas begin to fiercely attack the tourists.

Novak starts the boat and speeds away just as the piranhas surround Kelly and Jake.CAST Richard Dreyfuss (Tin Man) Ving Rhames (Mission Impossible) Elisabeth Shue (Hollow Man) Christopher Lloyd (Back To The Future) Steven R.Mc Queen (The Vampire Diaries) Jerry O’Connell (Sliders) Jessica Szohr (Ted 2) Eli Roth (Inglourious Basterds) Kelly Brook (Three) Adam Scott (Kampus) Riley Steele (Pirates II) Richard Chavira (Desperate Housewives) Dina Meyer (Birds of Prey) Bonnie Morgan (The Devil Inside) Paul Scheer (Year One) Fisherman Matt Boyd is fishing in Lake Victoria when a small earthquake hits, splitting the lake floor and causing a whirlpool.He reunites with his old crush Kelly Driscoll and meets Derrick Jones, a sleazy pornographer, as well as Danni Arslow, one of his actresses.Derrick convinces Jake to show him good spots on the lake for filming a pornographic movie.

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