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“The court date has only been scheduled six months from now to allow time to wait for the blood test results.” Janse van Rensburg said Hart had been stopped during a random stop and go in Luneville Road.Twelve people were arrested at the weekend on charges of drunken driving in the Mount Road policing cluster, which includes the Walmer, Kabega Park, Mount Road and Gelvandale police stations.New Year festivities in Oban, celebrated in the New Style, were temperate which, according to the author, was usual while Oban’s publicans received a hearty commendation for the early closing of public houses – “for which act of self-denial they merit thanks”.By Wednesday the fine weather allowed people to indulge in outdoor walking for its’ own sake as well as visit friends.He said Algoa FM did not have a specific policy dealing with the arrest of any of its staff or contracted personnel.“We apply ourselves circumstantially and consistently. We act responsibly toward the very people we have contracted in good faith and we allow the law to take its course,” he said.

As it was customary not to order the New Year beverages until the end of the year, because, even in well-meaning families the best Islay whisky disappeared in hot haste, Iona residents were disadvantaged by geographic and meteorological conditions. The correspondent from Iona wrote – “Our absent friends will no doubt be glad to hear that the New Year was held again on the 12th, January, H. I hope all other islands will follow and when 1880 comes, no Highlander will be found lagging twelve days behind the rest of the kingdom”.

However, on the island of Iona, the decision to celebrate New Year in the New Style alienated the minority.

On Monday 30December, Iona residents convened to discuss New Year celebrations.

Whether cousin John Mc Kinnon son of Catherine Mc Tavish and her husband, Morven born seaman, Alexander Mc Kinnon was on board the SS Dunara Castle during Christmas-New Year 1878-79 period is unknown.

What a nuisance from a research point of view that …

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“I would like to urge my fellow motorists to consider that if we drink and drive, it is not just irresponsible but also dangerous.” He also said on The Herald Facebook page: “Last night, after leaving a wedding, I was in a situation where I made one bad choice.

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